Escape from New Jersey

Pissed off that John Carpenter waited so long to make a sequel to Escape from New York? Well you're not alone. Escape from New Jersey picks up right after the events that took place in the city that never sleeps, and follows everyones favorite bad ass, and  anti-hero Snake Plissken played by Hector De La Rosa on his adventure into the Garden State. Writer, Director Chris R. Notarile's of Blinky Productions brings fans of the original cult classic what they wanted, but never got to see. A fan film for the ages, rest assured this will be no Easy Pass.



"Escape From New Jersey" is my second attempt at making a Snake Plissken fan film. My previous version "Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey", which teamed Snake up with Jack Burton (another role played by Kurt Russell). Unfortunately the fan film was a disaster and I openly still admit to this day it's the worst thing I ever made. I think in part by the sizable egos that I teamed up with when making it. It was just one of those experiences that looked better on paper and the end result was not something I was ever totally pleased with.

But enough dwelling on the past. After five years, I finally decided to take another crack at good ol' Snake and give him the fan film he deserved. Instep Hector De La Rosa, quite possibly the biggest Snake Plissken fan- EVER! This guy not only loves the character, he has actually transformed himself into Snake. Paying attention to every notable detail, Hector has managed to recreate virtually every memorable "Escape" prop from Snake's attire. This includes a life size replica of both of his guns, his wrist locator and homing device. And I haven't even gotten to the actual costume yet. Needless to say, Hector has dedicated his life to embodying his favorite character, right down to 5 o'clock shadow. 

I truly believe it was this amount of dedication to the character that inspired me to want to have a second go at a Snake movie. Once Hector and I joined forces, the script sort of wrote itself. I tried to stay within the guidelines set by the first two movies as well as the mini-comic series. My goal was to just make a sensible story that would answer that old question "what the hell did he do after he escaped New York?"

All in all it was a LONG and tedious experience, but in the end it was truly worth it. I think I finally made something that would please any "Escape" fan. The story is logical, the character development is understandable and it has that classic Carpenter feel but with a hint of my own style as well. 


                                                                       Teaser poster 1



                                                                      Teaser Poster 2 




       Here are some screen shots of Escape from New Jersey in production.                                     Courtesy of







May 17th 2010, filming has resumed for the epic series Escape from New Jersey! A lot of people helped make this happen with only the kindness of their hearts, as working for free for some, is a big no no. My good friend Eric Negron lead the way with the EFNJ make-up and prop van that was parked on the roof of the Home Depot in Jersey City. He and Brenda were there early to make prearations and insure that all the props and blood was in working order. Thanks guys!!


 A little sampling of the inner workings of the crazies van, props and all the goodies that make movie making fun.


                 And if anyone got thirsty, there was plenty of blood to go around. Eric'a special house blend. 


 A few people showed up early, so we took a few shots of Eric's awesome costume and make-up for the  actors          who would later try to eat Snake Plissken for dinner. It was a very surreal experience just being there!


 Hello, do you want me to open that for you? Your'e skull that is! AAAAGGHHHHHH!  Eric the leader of the crazies!                   

Eric has an appetite for destruction, not even the Alligators that are rumored to live in the NYC sewer system could stand a chance against him. And I thought he smelled bad, on the outside! A little Star Wars reference for   my bro who is sporting an impressive, most impressive display of tattoos from his favorite film series. Below is Brenda, very fearsome indeed! Notice the collection of chop sticks in her nasty locks, she uses them to feast on                                                 the flesh of anyone who doesn't contain MSG!





     The first episode is almost finished, and I can't wait to see how it is received. See you all at the movies!!!





                                            Here is the official HD trailer of Escape from New Jersey!         



                      Here it is fans, the long wait is over. The first episode of Escape from New Jersey 



                                 Here it is the Escape from new Jersey blooper real, pretty funny stuff.  




                                                      Here is the teaser trailer for EFNJ part 2 




Here it is Snake Plissken fans, Escape from New Jersey part 2. Snake wakes up on the side of the road somewhere in the middle of New Jersey after escaping the crazies and being conked on the head by New Jersey king pin Armando Barrone. the night before. He's really pissed, and if you want to find out what happens go to the link below.



After escaping the clutches of the bounty hunter duo Car Jack Mollone and Texas Mike O'Shay, Snake tries to retrieve the money that got him sent  to the New York Maximum Security penitentiary. New Jersey King Pin Armando Barrone tries to put the squeeze on Plissken's idea of escaping the garden state, want to know what happens next. Go to the link below and find out.




Snake Plissken and company wake up in the torture room of the Sayerville Surgeon. What will happen next? Click on the link below to find out what happens in the exciting conclusion of Escape from New Jersey!



This is a little fan film that me and my girlfriend Gayle Bykowicz created over a few weeks using a cheap video camera a lot of  love and respect for the character of Snake Plissken. It takes place 9 days after Escape from New York, and follows the path that we think Snake would've took after rescuing the President from the New York Maximum Security prison.




 This next little video is a tribute to Ernest Borgnine, who I was lucky enough to finally meet at the Chiller Theater Convention in 2011.