Some areas in New York City in the 70's and 80's looked like they got hit by Nuclear bombs, especially in the South Bronx. The images you are about to see were actually taken in the rubble that was once a big part of the culture of the city that never sleeps. It was an area that spanned over 140 square blocks of barren, crime infested streets that people always talked about,but seldom would venture into. This is what the world may look like if were to be destroyed by war. The total decimation of entire neighborhoods is a very scary thought, and letting your minds delve deep into these photo's will take you to a place that I'm sure you wouldn't invision in your worst nightmares. Films like Escape from New York and Mad Max are set in these distopian futures and they are cool to look at when your having a pizza and rooting for your hero to make it through to the end, but just imagine having to struggle to survive in this wasteland.



































New York City a city, so big they had to name it twice. If you can't make it here, well your dead! in order to insure your survial in the bad lands of post appocolyptic America you have to be prepared. First, your going to need a good noggin to help get you out of the many predicaments that most certainly will arrise. In order to insure that your precious noggin is not smashed in by one the competition, you need the tools that will help you to live through the daily nightmare of being hunted down like an animal. Where can you get these tools you ask?

Welcome to the survial shop! We're on the corner of "what you used to know and what you're gonna find out if you don't wise up."

We have a large assortment of weapons starting with the most basic like an ice pick and f your lucky you might find a gun, but will it have ammunition?  How much money do you need ? Well if you haven't heard by now, that green stuff is pretty useless right about now, so you will have to find your protection wherever it may be. Look everywhere, leave no stone unturned, and it's a good idea to save that stone until you find a better weapon.