Snake catches up with the stars of Escape from New York,                                               at a convention near you! 

 Snake Plissken finally gets to meet the awesome actor Tom "Thrill Me!" Atkins at the Monster Mania convention          in Cherry Hill, New Jersey Sunday March 14th 2010. Mr. Atkins played Rheme in Escape from New York.
Tom Atkins signing a copy of the Escape from New York novelization written by Mike McQuay. This particular novel which was sent to me by my good friend Joe Thornton,was one of the many prized possessions in his EFNY collection which he started back in 1982. He sent me a copy because I didn't have one, (What a pal!) and he never in a million years thought that a star that was in the movie would ever get this close. Tom signing the book sure meant a lot to him.
Snake Plissken finally catches up with actor Charles Cyphers at the Chiller Theater convention on April 16th 2009.                                   Cyphers played the Secretary of State in Escape from New York.    
 The cast of EFNJ from left to right; Roberto Lombardi, Director Chris.R. Notarile, Kim Santiago, Dick Warlock
                                     holding my beautiful daughter Gracie Raquel and Hector De La Rosa 
Here we are again with none other than the master of horror himself JOHN CARPENTER! The crowning jewel of the awesome adventure of making Escape from New Jersey, was meeting the man that came up with Escape from New York, and everybody's favorite bad ass Snake Plissken! This is a dream come true for me as I got to play Snake in the web series, and meeting Mr. Carpenter was an experience I will never forget!
It was like meeting GOD! We had a certain amount of time to get in, present him with a copy of the EFNJ DVD, ask a few questions, take a quick pic and get the hell out. Kinda sounds like the plot of Escape from New York.
I really hope that he watches the video and sees the dedication and love that was put into it by all of us.
Chris .R. Notarile was inspired by John Carpenter to start making his own films, and finally got to meet him in person. Look at that grin of total satisfaction on his mug, and a triple thumbs up certainly summed up the event. It was quite a day at Monster Mania, a lot of dreams came true that will certainly pave the way to new adventures for all of us.
Here is a picture of Snake Plissken ( Hector De La Rosa ) finally meeting Cabbie ( Ernest Borgnine) at the Chiller Theater convention in 2011. 

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